Our range of premium foods and goods is created by letting nature lead.

From grass-fed Angus beef to succulent lamb, nourishing milk, strongwool fibre and wild honey we bring the goodness of New Zealand’s remote and pristine environments to the world.

Each of our products is crafted to be of the highest quality with minimum intervention, beginning with animals free to roam amongst our rolling hills through to seeking the highest standards in each product’s final preparation.

Grass-fed Ruapehu Angus

Sold into high end restaurants, our Angus beef is the choice of top chefs and discerning customers.

The taste and quality of our beef is a result of our paddock-to-plate philosophy, with each animal traceable to the farm where it was born and raised. Our cattle are exclusively grass-fed and enjoy access to plenty of fresh water, shade and clean mountain air throughout their lives. Bred on farm from a unique genetic stock, our cattle are raised with wholehearted care to create a distinctively richer and more tender eating experience.

Tender hill-country lamb

Bred on our hill-country stations with a view to Mt Ruapehu, our lambs are raised on a natural grass diet in the hills where they were born.

Our breeding flocks of Romney and Perendale ewes have been chosen for the superior taste and quality of the lambs they produce. Free to roam on the rolling pastures, our flocks enjoy happy and stress-free lives, naturally raised on abundant fresh green pastures. The result is succulent lamb of unparalleled quality and taste, sought after by customers at home and abroad.

Bright, white wool

We provide our customers with good quality, clean, white wool from animals who receive the highest standard of care.

In a naturally holistic farming loop, we also harvest strong wool fibre from our Romney and Perendale flocks. The wool is shorn in accordance with the strictest standards of animal welfare. We are gentle with our sheep and ensure no animals are harmed or unduly stressed in the process. Our strong, white wool is used in the production of a range of products from carpets to footwear and fashion.

Nutritious dairy milk

From our dairy at Ohakune we supply the milk of 700 cows to Fonterra.

Dairy is a cornerstone product of New Zealand and we are proud to contribute our part. Our milk is produced with our cows’ well-being in mind. They spend their winters here on the farm, giving them a single year-round home and avoiding the stresses of transportation.

Single harvest honey

At Ātihau-Whanganui Inc, we believe that the world’s best honey should reflect the ultimate in ethical bee care.

We give our bees one stunning location, the foothills of Mt. Ruapehu, to call home and gently harvest their pure honey just once a year. So they’re happier and healthier in their hives and better able to create premium honey with maximum healing properties. With Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF) levels of 5 – 25, some of our honey is so pure and potent it is used in specialist areas such as wound care and cell regeneration.


Our honey is:

A rich source of immunity-boosting natural enzymes

Cold pressed to lock-in all the antimicrobial and healing properties

Fully traceable to the native bush of New Zealand


Partner with us

We are always on the lookout to extend our mānuka honey production through mutually beneficial agreements with other landowners. If you’re interested in partnering with us in the production of high quality honey, please call 027 535 1221.

Established forestry woodlots

We have a total of 728 hectares of trees across Ātihau lands. Much of this is commercial Pinus Radiata, established on steep hill sites up to 25 years ago. Once harvested using best practice techniques, we will enhance our botanical diversification and improve sustainability by reintroducing a mixture of species such as rimu, tōtara, kahikatea and mātai, alongside pine for plantations where appropriate.