Ātihau-Whanganui Inc has over 9000 shareholders or whānau - family members of the Whanganui Iwi. Our people are a vital part of our organisation and our activities are focused on growing their collective well-being.

We encourage whānau to maintain an active connection with Ātihau and their whenua through our open-invitation annual general meeting, annual farm tour and our informative and inspiring Awhi magazine.

We are also dedicated to searching for uri and encourage those who think they may link to us to get in touch. We regularly publish lists of whānau with unclaimed dividends.

The latest list can be found below

pdf Unclaimed January 2020 (2.07MB)

Te Āti Hau Trust - enabling our people
to reach their potential

Te Āti Hau Trust is here to help our shareholders and their whānau, kaumātua, tamariki and mokopuna pursue their aspirations and goals.

Te Āti Hau Trust provides grants for a variety of purposes including sport, education, health and well-being, and marae initiatives. It’s a way of helping our people reach their potential, so they in turn can help their communities grow in strength and vitality.

Application guidelines and forms can be found below. For more details or queries, please contact Te Āti Hau Trust office on 06 348 7213 between 8.30am and 4.00pm weekdays or email office@atihau.com

Appplications are now open for 2020, please find our NEW LOOK forms below.

Education Grants

pdf 2020 Education Grant form (1.98MB)

Education Scholarships

pdf 2020 Education Scholarship form (2.70MB)

Application guidelines for Te Āti Hau Trust General Grants
pdf 2020 General Grant Guidelines (0.89MB)

General Grant form

pdf Trust Deed FINAL.pdf

Awhiwhenua, training next generation farmers

For 10 years we’ve run a paid apprenticeship programme for those that have finished high school who show a willingness to work and a passion to learn. A two-year on-farm cadetship, we take up to six individuals, teaching them livestock skills in a supportive, hands-on setting. At the end of the programme they gain recognised NZQA qualifications, plus real world experience that puts them in good stead to work with us or anywhere in New Zealand. It’s part of our commitment to connect land and people, and create new opportunities for our rangatahi.

To learn more about the apprenticeship programme and how to apply, please contact 027 580 4554.